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they said that this is not app invasion, it's a protective defensive measure, and on land and at sea in the harbour, what they have down is surround places. that is not to say that they want to go in and have a fight. it's to stop what they would see as fascist elements from kiev or troops here controlled by fascist elements from kiev attacking the pro-russian majority civilian population. whether you believe it, because we have seen no sign of fascist elements here at all, and no sign of the ukrainian soldiers wanting to engage in a fight as evidence of the situation at the sevastopol airport. certainly the russians want to be seen here as nonaggressive. given that they have been approached by a group of ukrainians without arms, there's no way in the world they would have wanted to be seen to be firing on unarmed ukrainian soldiers. that would be disastrous for them. >> laurence lee reporting there from crimea. >> the united states and the european union are both considering sanctions against russia. what are they likely to comprise, and how much bite will they have. one of the russ
, they are backed up by civilian defense forces, and i think that's a real danger, because those people are unpredicted. the forces we have seen have been very disciplined. they have only a few strategically placed bullets in their weapons, and have been very calm, but the civilian forces tend to get very agitated, and they are alongside these military forces, so you have russians right at the door, and then civilian forces right in front of them, and when i tried to get into a base a couple of days ago, it wasn't the russians who stopped me, it was the ukrainians of russian decent. and there is a big divide between those two sides. >> jennifer we hear music in the background. what is the mood right now? >> reporter: well, you know, if you go around town, you can see i'm in sort of an touristry, entertainment area, and people by and large are trying to go out, and business and usual, but this is a navy town. one woman i spoke to yesterday, said her neighbor told her they are going to have to leave because her husband refuses to sign an oath to crimea. so there are deep divides among nei
the russian troops adopted what they would see entirely as defensive positions and having their photographs taken with pro-russian local and smoking cigarettes in many places and have not had clips loaded on their guns and they have been, i think, at pains to point out they don't want to be seen as an aggressive force equally. by the same token the body language and symbolism from the ukraine troops this morning was equally passive and one was a soviet flag from the second world war saying they fought against fascism but are no longer but carried a ukraine flag and the implication of that is they want to be see potentially being on the russian side but won't surrender and will not swear allegiance to the flag and there is not resistance going on but a sense of defiance as well. >> reporter: lawrence, thanks for keeping us up to date with the events in crimea and we will keep a close eye on things there. russia appears to be moving more military assets to the region and russian war ships passed through in istambul and saying they may go to ukraine and they are in ukraine by a lesser sense o
that russians, the ukrainian defense ministry now being denied from russia. what's the story from where you are tim? >> reporter: well i think everyone has an agenda obviously with this crisis in crimea. and of course, to a certain extent it is in the ukrainians' interest to keep reports of russian aggression or alleged aggression or forthcoming aggression high on the agenda. now, it pa may well frof to be e in the -- prove to be true in the coming hours that russia is going to carry out some kind of ultimatum or fulfill some kind of deadline for ukrainian troops have have been -- who have been surrounded in crimea by pro-russian forces, in their barracks, on their ships, may make good this reported threat which was coming from sources certified the defense ministry here, may make good that, and actually fulfill their plan. but, as you say, it's been denied at the moment by russia. now, at the moment, we can just watch and wait. and report what both sides are saying. so it is a very tense situation. and obviously, russia, as well, wants to keep the needle going, if that's the right way to
by pro-russian forces. if you are referring to the self-defense forces, we don't have any power over them, they don't cake our orders. however, the russian military are in their deployment places and some special alert and control measures have been taken over the whole black sea fleet. that being said, we do do anything to prevent bloodshed. >> reporter: this is a chance not only for the west to talk directly to the russians, but also for the ukrainians to do so. >> we're doing everything to bring russia and ukraine in to direct contact with each other and make sure the governments are talking to each other, which the russians have not been willing to do at a senior level in recent days. >> reporter: all of this suggest there is a willingness for dialogue. russia considers the new russia in kiev ill legitimate, the southwest going out of its way to help that government. >> the package combined could bring an overall support of at least 11 billion euros over the next couple of years from european budget and the financial institutions. it is designed to assist the new ukrainian government.
by russia's defense minister who said it has nothing to do with ukraine. it's russia's forces going through an u unannounced test, basically making sure that the army, the navy, and the air force can react to any perceived threats as quickly as they should be able to. now they did say that the black sea fleet, which is based in crimea in ukraine is being adequately protected, and the fleet is being bumped up a bit, which is probably what you would expect for any country with overseas military assets near a country going through a revolution at the moment. although they have said that the military drills have nothing to do with what is going on in ukraine, there are probably people who are very high up in the defense ministry and russian government as well who are thinking that reminding russia's neighbors and it's rivals of russian military might at a time when it's influence in central and eastern europe has taken a big dent recently is certainly no bad to do from a russian geopolitical perspective. >> getlet's go to tim friend who has the latest from kiev. we understand that it's a novel
's defense ministry, is part of the military drills that were began yesterday. nothing to do with what is going on in ukraine, according to the russian government. that is clearly not believed by the ukrainian interim government, which is concerned about the penalty of russian aggression. so concerned that it has warned russia that a movement of its fleet, based in crimea, would be seen by the ukrainian interim government as a sign of aggression, and the ukrainian foreign ministry summoned the russian-charged affair for immediate emergency consultation. russia at the moment does not have an ambassador in kiev because he was recalled to moscow. this is a signal of how tense things are at the moment. >> it must be tense because, as we well know, ukraine is absolutely vital to president putin - not just historically, but geopolitically as well. how does moscow regard what is happening in ukraine now, and keeping a close eye on crimea? >> yes, well it's not just the geopolitical importance of ukraine to russia that matters, it's the emotional importance. we have spoken to russians on the s
what ukraine does on defense budget and is about 60 times the size of the military. the u.s. is definitely trying to solve this diplomatically. they're trying to put diplomatic pressure on the ukraine but senior officials say they do not have the military tool in the tool kit that they want to use now. what they're trying to do is deescalate tensions on this peninsula, but as far as anything anyone can tell, the russians are not listening to the u.s. as well. and the ukrainians have not responded yet. >> we are hearing that a ukrai ukrainian ves sell in sevastopol has been surrounded by russian vessels and cannot leave the port. these are pictures right now of that vessel. >> as far as we can tell, it is not surrounded, it's what the russian navy has done is move into the port and block anyone from necessarily being able to come out. and so what that means is that the ukrainian ship is basically stuck. again, they don't have the capacity or, more to the point, the orders from their government, to try anything against this much, much larger, much more robust, much better tr
- china ramps up defense spending as the united states cuts back. >>> three of al jazeera's journalists detained in an egyptian prison make their second court appearance in a few hours. >>> and still looking over venezuela a near after his death - hugo chavez remains part of every day life. [ ♪ music ] >>> hello. world powers usually preoccupied with syria are rapidly flying diplomats around the globe to get to grips with ukraine. the united states and europe have been slated against russia. john kerry and sergei lavrov are due to meet in paris. they are meant to talk about syria, but no doubt ukraine will fig fighture. ukrainian soldiers, meanwhile, have been, in some says forced to choose sides. jennifer glasse reports from sevastopol. >> if there's somewhere where the russians have full control, it's here at sevastopol. ships of the black sea fleet halt all traffic, draining all life from this otherwise thriving port. if the russian's intentions is to take over ukrainian military instillations, it is not over yet. ukrainian servicemen refuse to yield to the russian show of force.
, they say. >> no one sponsors us. there is a self defense force. from surrounding villages. >> most crimeaens remain the men in camouflage whoever they are. >> part of basic agreements between the ukraine and rush over the black sea fleet. >> that's right, tony. the prime minister hear saying that the these are russian forces. we have no confirmation of that on the ground. these men . >> they number 15 shoes russian sailors. it is a major naval base. they want to protect their interests. we have seen russian armor personnel carriers in the last day or so. they are just exercises. but raising tensions a bit here in crimea, kiev watching very closely what is going on, who is in charge of security. very much an open question, tony. >> jennifer glass for us. as we told you, president obama said tonight that the u.s. is deeply concerned by the reports of russian military movements in ukraine. there will be consequences if russian intervenes. mike viqueira for us at the white house. mike, the president didn't say what those intervention measures could be. >> no one takinbe. >> what is le
from the head of defense committee who said that the defense committee looked into it, and they unanimously approve the action. there was the head of the foreign affairs committee also saying that they had looked into it, and they were unanimously approving what the president was asking for. we have the deputy speaker of the upper chamber. they were saying there were militants from maidan who were trained in poland and lithuania, and they also called for the russian ambassador from the u.s. to be recalled. they said that yanukovych was still the legitimate head of the ukraine. so the message is absolutely the same from everyone who is speaking at the moment. the vote has not happened yet. we don't know quite how it's going to take, so we will be watching. >> errorrory, it does sound like steps are being taken for some sort of intervention. does it mean that troops will be going into crimea? >> reporter: well, we don't know exactly what it means. the proposal is quite vague. it didn't even specify crimea. it said that military involvement could take place in ukraine. so
's defense minister has gone to some pains to dismiss. he is saying it has nothing to do with what is going on in ukraine at all; that basically the russia military goes through these kinds of tests fairly frequently. there have been six of them since february of 2013. and essentially what they are designed to do according to the defense minister, is -- is kind shape up the russian military and put it through its paces to make sure the air force and the army and the navy will respond as well as they can to any perceived threats, and they can't announce these things before they are going to happen because that would defeat the whole point of it, that these armed personnel need to be basically shocked into it, and to think that there is something real going on. but i think it would have gone through the heads of many people fairly high up in the russian government, giving a bit of display of russian military might, and show it off to its neighbors at a time when russian influence has taken a bit of a knock. >> rory thank you very much. again, russia saying it was all part of scheduled drills.
on the protestor. victoria is a member of the self-defense units. >> i won't forget the faces of the friends facing the police. we had no weapons just stones. i didn't think that the police would kill ewe cranians. viktor yanukovich is gone and we are learning more. >> just before leaving the estate, the aides through the documents into the river. there are people diving into the freezing cold trying to retrieve all of the documents they can. >> about 40,000 documents are moved to a guest house by a group of journalists and sifting through them and making them available online for everyone to see. many more are drying in the sauna. some of the documents reveal a lavish life style and taste for expensive furniture. others detail transactions through a web of shadowed companies and a bank belonging to viktor yanukovich's son. >> we are so excited and then admonished and shocked by the numbers and the names we found in the documents and the company's names in the documents. >> per happens the most shocking is this one, to the extent he was willing to go to crack down on the protestor. deplayin
over the next couple of hours. defense secretary chuck hagel, chairman of the joint chief, head of c.i.a. and national security were seen leaving the white house this afternoon. last night president obama did issue a warning to russia. >> obama: the united states will stand with the international community in affirming there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> note that use of the word international community. we are seeing more responses come from that international body. we saw the e.u. come out today and say ukraine's sovereignty should be respected, also the head of n.a.t.o. the white house looking to garner support, and really isolate russia, make it the unified world body, the collective against russia. but the white house has to be very careful about what happens next. because we're essentially in a tit for tat. as the white house calculates its next move it needs to think about how it will proceed and how president putin will react. we are seeing other reactions hire in washington including from republican center john mccain, he put out a statement toda
the gold government including the defense minuter al sisi who is expected to run for president in year, parliamentary elections planned for summer. >>> more than 10 men all armed with knives up leashed a bloody scene of terror in china. they slashed 29 victims at a train situation in china killing them all. four attackers were killed and 143 were wound is state nidia says it was from the country's west a warn to go our viewers the following report by rob mcbride does contain some graphic material. >> reporter: as police continue looking for anyone else connected with the attack, people in china have been coming to terms with the scale and horror of the assault. according to eyewitnesses, the gang started attacking passengers at random with knives, sending crowds fleeing in panic. thousands of internet users have been expressing their outrage on social media, and up loading images of security around the station in the aftermath of at at thathetack. authorities promise aid swift response with the country's president saying those responsible will be brought to justice. the attack comes at
in prison in domestic federal prison here in the united states. part of his defense is this is a case of mistaken identity, the authorities picked up the wrong man, confused him with somebody with a very similar name in guantanamo bay. it's likely to last around one month. >> oscar pistorius pleading not guilty in the shooting death of his girlfriend. what fellow south africans are saying about the case that is grabbing global attention. >> al jazeera america is a straight-forward news channel. >> its the most exciting thing to happen to american journalism in decades. >> we believe in digging deep. >> its unbiased, fact-based, in-depth journalism. >> you give them the facts, dispense with the fluff and get straight to the point. >> i'm on the ground every day finding stories that matter to you. >> in new orleans... >> seattle bureau... >> washington... >> detroit... >> chicago... >> nashville... >> los angeles... >> san francisco... >> al jazeera america, take a new look at news. primetime news. >> i'm john seigenthaler in new york. >> stories that impact the world, affect the nation
information from a russian defense min city. they say what they have done is launched a missle in the after con region, and that is the far east of russia. out near central asia, they have shot this off with a dumby war head, they say that they hit what they were looking for, this is clearly a demonstration of russians military might against all the tensions over ukraine, very similar to the show of power in the war games. russia, of course, still saying they may respond or they intend to respond to the situation, the tensions over ukraine. this can very much be playing into that sort of scenario. >> all of this on a day when the white house and secretary of state both condemning actions so far. it appears while everyone sells calling for calm, the russians have doubled down. >> very much so, we heard some very strong language from vladimir putin as well. a day when there's been a lot of statements being made from the white house to the state department. the russians are also speaking and they have said that while they do not want to use force, that they are willing to do so. some very stro
is scheduled to last until march 12th. >>> meanwhile, defense secretary chuck hagel spelling out the u.s. military role in ukraine today. >> we are pursuing measures to support our allies, including stepping up joint training in poland, an area i visited a few weeks ago. and augmenting our participation in nato's air policing mission on the baltic peninsula. >>> senator john mccain asking chuck hagel plainly is this the right time to reduce the military. >> your timing is exquisite. you are coming over here with a budget that we agree on, at least on the numbers at a time when the world is probably more unsettled than it has been since the end of world war ii. the invasion of crimea, geneva 2 collapse, iran negotiations stalled, the south china sea, china more and more aggressive, north korea fired missiles in the last few days, syria has now turned into a regional conflict, and the list goes on. >> meanwhile in crimea, some yooun -- ukrainian socialeds are being forced to choose sides. >> reporter: if there is somewhere this crimea where russians have full control it is here. ships bl
be linked to what has been going on in ukraine. now the defense minister has said this has nothing to do with what is going on in ukraine. but two of the four military districts are going to be going on several days worth of military drills. now what essentially this amounts to is a testing of the military readiness of those particular districts. it involves some 150,000 armed personnel. it includes some of the baltic naval fleet and includes some of the air force as well. the defense minister says this has been taking place near some of russia's borders, but again, specifically saying this has nothing to do with what is going on in this the yukraine. now although there has been that statement, i think it is probably going through the minds of many people of the russian government that holding military drills at this moment, reminding russian's rivals of russian military might at a time when russia's prestige and influence in central and eastern kru krurp -- europe certainly wouldn't be a bad thing to do. >> rory thank you very much indeed. right now there appear to be two centers to the
by ukraine's riot police. she is a member of one of the self defense unit that are protecting the square. >> the image i will never forget are the faces of friends facing riot police. we were a small group and the police three times bigger. we had no weapons, just stones and molotov cocktails. i didn't think the police would kill ukrainians. >> victoria was wounded when a hand grenade handed next to her. now that yanukovych is gone, ukrainians are getting to know more on the men victoria helped to overthrow. >> just before leaving, the aid threw the documents in the river. there are still people diving in the freezing cold water trying to retrieve every single document they can. >> about 40,000 documents have been moved to a guest house by a group of ukrainian journalists who are sifting through them and making them available on line for everyone to see. many more are still drying in the sauna. some of the documents reveal a lavish lifestyle and a taste for expensive furniture. others detail transbackses through a web of shadow companies and a bank belonging to yanukovych's son, alexande
. they are going around with the self defense unit, and then you have throughout the day groups of people who are protesting, waving the russian flag, and they will protect russian interests wherever they are in the world. parallel to that you have the politics going on. the regional prime minister started the day saying they have taken temporary control of the military, the navy and police and also called on those commanders who did not want to follow his order to just leave their positions, and then he said that he announced that the referendum that was initially set for may 25th which was the same day as the national presidential election is now brought forward to march 30th. now in that referendum he will ask the people of crimea whether they want more autonomy from kiev. one might wonder what more they want. what they do want they do have autonomy in the budget, how to spend it. they have autonomy in matters of education, health, agriculture. but what seems to be happening at the moment that he's going to be asking whether they want to take orders from kiev any more, he'll ask people if
that that is the prime minister, the acting president, the defense minister, that ukrainian troops are now in full combat readiness. they are desperate to seek a political solution but they said that any further intervention by moscow in crimea, about 800-kilometers south of the capital here in kiev, risked eventual war. the prime minister, the ukrainian prime minister spoke to his opposite number in moscow and he said that he had been told that there was no decision to bring troops in to ukraine just the possibility of military action on ukrainian territory. that's the way the ukrainians are interpreting, not reassuring one would think to the leadership here in key every. as you say, they are relatively inexperienced, but i think what they are hoping most is that a diplomatic political solution can be found because we saw on saturday some violent scenes in town on his the east of ukraine where, of course, there is also pro moscow sympathy. and they attacked pro european demonstrators, dragged them from the building they had been occupying and perhaps one of kiev's worst fears is that the mood, the pro m
, the defense chief. >> because of our correct tactics and our people refusal to surrender. ththe blitz by putin has failed. >> another shrine to those gunned down on the alleged orders of former president viktor yanukovych. tim friend, al jazeera, kiev. >> the unfolding events in ukraine and russia are been playing out on tv screens across the globe. but according to many media analysts some of the reports in russia are anti-ukraine propaganda. >> reporter: the world according to the kremlin played out each night on news broadcasts with a familiar loop on the sound track. the leadership of ukraine's interim government is made up of you will from a national fascists, near nazis and radicals from the west near bent on corruption. >> what the public sees is the picture in which fascist gangs seized tower in kiev. they are dangerous. they are jeopardized the livelihood of hours, russian speakers, russian.co. compatriots, you however it is put, and russia is coming to save these people. >> reporter: in my opinion the blood spilt in kiev are on the hands of western politician who is are coming to mee
clinic. secretary of the defense chuck hagel defended the proposal budget presented on the hill bringing military spending down by $400 billion. by 2015. but hagel said the cuts will not effect the military's ability to protect the united states. >> meeting our national security needs under constrained budgets. we focus on the balance. the balance that will be required to bend this country going forward. after more than a decade of long large stability operations we exchange the capacity to modern indication capabilities as we shift to focus on future requirements. these are shaped by enduring and emerging threats. >> well, ground forces will see the most cuts but the new budget protects investments into new technologies, vehicles. one of those projects is the joint striker fighter. but the program is way over budget so the military's plans are being scaled back. >> reporter: the joint strike fighter better known as the f 35 is supposed to be all things to all branches of the u.s. military. able to evade military radar, capable of super sonic speed and being able to land and take off lik
and ukraine's defense minister says radical groups are planning new activities in ukraine. our in-depth coverage begins in the southeast of ukraine. in the capital of crimea. jennifer glasse, defense minister says there are operations what he calls radical forces in the works. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, john, tonight in crimea, the air space is choafd closed. we see a lot of armed men around here in the last day. th started in the middle of the night last night taking over sevastopol airport which is a military airport, they look very well trained, no military insignia, no identifying marks on their vehicles either. military trucks moving on the roads of crimea, certainly from the capitol and sevastopol, that is the headquarters of russia's black sea neat. we can't identify -- fleet. whee can'we can't identify who , who they answer to or what they are doing here. the air space is now closed. we have had a movement of military vehicles on the roads and so a very worrying development here in crimea tonight. >> jennifer are they facing any push dk back on the grown? >
to convince the self-defense units to let them in. people here are saying that they do support these russian troops. they don't see them as invaders as prime minister has just said in kiev even though he says the russians are coming here and taking over military assets and trying to disarm the ukraine forces, that is what is happening here. and we have seen that in other bases around this peninsula. so you do have that happening but people say what lovorov was saying. they say we are protecting our area from the, quote, fascists ruling ukraine and see the protesters as radical to want to come here and cause more instability. i have to say it's very difficult to figure out how many crimea people actually think like that because since we have been here people with another opinion simply is not voicing it. >> reporter: what proportion if we figure it out is there of the people that would prefer to support kiev? >> well, it's really very difficult to answer that question. i mean we do know that the majority of the population, about 60% are from russian, ethnic origin. do all of them back the ru
. >> >> a russian commander has been called. there was even. but one self-defense unit arrived the ukrainians fall in and m off. their point made. >> so the ukrainian soldiers came out of their base and were headed towards the airstrip, because they wanted to reach the weapons depot, and that's when they were stopped. now, there have been negotiations throughout the day between the ukraine january and the russian commanders. we still don't have the jut come. >> the overnight deadlines for ukrainian troops to give up the rugs passed with no sign of the military storm that had been threatened. position cow denied there was ever a deadline. this soldier said none of his team would vow allegiance to the new pro russian government. >> marines never surrender, nobody at the base wants to switch sides, take an oath of loyalty to a dubious government that not been elected legally. >> without insignia, and the russian mainland is just 4 1/2 kilometers away across a stretch ottawa water. another stand off of sorts. ukrainian ships, flanked by russians, watching their ever move. the regional capitol was quie
reserves to himself the right to intervene militarily at any time anyplace in ukraine, not just in defense of rugs, but also in defense of ukraineens. that's essentially a cart blanche to invade any country. >> saying he reserves the right to protect his people as if ukraine is still part of the old soviet union. >> putin has never like so many other russian elites accepted the legitimacy of an independent ukraine and he as far as he's concerned doesn't even consider ukrainians to be a separate people. essentially, he's marching in to defend his own. he also said and this is absolutely shocking, that he is "not worried by war." no leader other than adolf hitler and perhaps the ruler of north korea would say that kind of thing in today's world. >> should we be worried about vladimir putin's mental capacities or are we seeing a situation where some suggest we are looking at a russian leader who is isolated and insulated and only speaks to people who tell him what he wants to hear? >> i think it's both. clearly he is insulated, isolated, although at the same time, do keep in mind the russian
commander-in-chief, and he has demanded that all military units not obey the kiev defense ministry, not to use their weapons, but to follow only his orders. so it's clear that what has been happening today, this encirclement of ukrainian military installations by russian forces appears to have enabled a bloodless power take over here in crimea. and it's one of two things now, it is either a breakaway crimean peninsula, a breakaway region of ukraine, or quite simply a russian protector at. >> all right, let's leave it there. robin. a quick reminder, the crisis and what we started seeing four months ago. that's when protesters turned out in the center of kiev. many are still there now. that was then after the venture president back you had out of ideal with the e.u. instead took a $15 billion loan from russia to help his struggle economy then he was forced out-us job after his allies deserted him. now this trouble in the crimea region it's part of ukraine but the majority of its population are ethnic russian. the russian president vladimir putin says he's protecting them that's led u
times since february of last year. it's something that the defense minister likes doing to put the military here through its paces. it basically exposes any flaws in the system and allows the military to become more efficient, at least that's the thinking behind it. however, having said that there is no connection between this military alert and what is going on in ukraine, i think the russian government will be well aware that reminding its rivals and neighbors of russian milita military might at a time when russian influence has just taken a big dent in europe, won't hurt them at all. >>> we wanted to take a look at the ukraine issue through a small town. david has our story. >> reporter: ukraine's border with russia stretches for more than 2,000 kilometers. in this town on the edge of the frontier, the decaying symbols of the soviet union are everywhere. a proud gravestone of a hero of social labor. planted in the middle of rich farm land there is nothing here to mark the more -- horrors of stalin's policies. the deposing of president yanukovych by protests so far away in ki
in the defense ministry and in the asian government as well. at a time when it's influence in central and eastern europe has taken a big dent recently. it certainly is no bad thing to do from a russian geopolitical perspective. >> while ukrainians in the capitol city are celebrating the cowser of president viktor yanukovych, others in crimea are not happy. >> reporter: some were not happy to see our camera because we're foreign they think we won't tell the truth. the flags here are russian, not ukrainian, and blame the west for what is happening in kiev. >> no, i'm not happy. it is ignite from outside. i am sure europe and america support in revolution. >> the area has been a russian naval base since the 1,800th century. another old sailor said allegiances here are clear. >> 90% of the people here are russian. the russian fleet is here. we have russian traditions. it's all russian here. >> reporter: that's why they think what is happening in kiev is such a problem. the people here seem very angry about the exact that ukrainian has been made the official language. it makes them feel left out since
from our defense budget. i'll talk to william cohen. plus confessions of a middle class cab driver. he would be back on the road to prosperity if he could just find the on ramp. i'm ali velshi. a and this is "real money."
call that defense?! come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. >> welcome back. two years ago the costa concordia ran into rocks off italy. the cap tape accused of abandoning the cruise liner. under court order he boarded the ship. many locals hope to close the chapter on the tragedy. >> francesco schettino was swamped by the media, as he returned to the trip he captained to tragedy. after spending four hours on board, he had an answer. >> translation: there are those who have plea bargained admitting blame. i'm here and undergoing trial so before you say the guilty one or the person responsible, i'm doing this. >> investigators were inspecting an emergency generator that was meant to power elevators and life boats, which didn't work the night of the shipwreck. lawyers demanded he be allowed to join them. francesco schettino faces 20 years in prison. charged with abandoning ship. residents who have been faced with the reminder of the tragedy for two years are divided over his return. >> there's no sense for hi
in bangkok, she was forced to work from the defense ministry's compound ever since protestors laid siege to her offerses in early january. >> she said she is avoiding a chronfronteddation, but there is already a confrontation. some call it a low intensely civil war. >> some of your supporters are talking about taking to the streets. would you encourage this? >> the protests are illegal and as long as we will be under the democracy ways. >> she can still rely on the support of the people in the rural north. they brought her to office in 2011 and kept her brother, the former prime minister in office for many years before military coup deposed him in 2006. the opposition says it wants to get rid of what it calls the taxing regime. her supporters have promised not to allow that to happen. the problem now is that there is a potential for a violent showdown. >> aljazeera continues to demand the release of its staff held in egypt. they have enough spent 62 days in prison, accused of having links with a terrorist organization and spreading false news. aljazeera rejects the charges. another aljaz
. here, too. what about the dark castle? you call that defense?! come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. >> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters and here are the headlines for the hour. unarmed gunman is around the airports in ukraine. plus, bill clinton's presidential library is releasing thoses of pages of documents today, including the advice and letters. >> in california, a storm is spreading and the emergency crews performing a swift rescue and a portion of the coast highway has been closed. they are tracking the storms and how much are they going to get? >> they are seeing up to 8 inches of rain in southern california and getting it in the next 24 hours and the chance of flash flooding and in addition to the mud slides. an another major story is the bitter cold. in minneapolis right now the temperatures are right at the freezing mark and with the wind blowing feeling below 17, 17 degrees below zero. we have the cold air coming down from canada. hard to believe 64 on sunday in philadelphia. 22 new
trucks blocking the road and then a self defense militia in front of that row of trucks. this comes just a day after the crimean parliament was occupied by unidentified armed men that appear to be a pro russian militia here. in wednesday that turned into clashes outside the parliament as the crimean minority, 20,000 of those here clashed with the russian ethnic russian population here. 90% of the people here are russian, russian speaking and share a russian culture and heritage. many look toward the east, many believe that they should be under the influence of russia. they certainly have been unhappy about what's been going on in kiev in the last three months and certainly in the last week or so, they believe that the people in kiev are terrorists or thugs or fascists, they say and they really believe that they don't want any part of in a that. >> we have been watching the images of these people in crimea hoisting the russian flag. based on the ground, is there any chance of a reconciliation between those factions in ukraine and the protestors that you covered in kiev? >> i think there's
was put together at the last minute. passions were running high. >> americans, stand up in defense of what is right. >> across the street from this demonstration, the security council was meeting in closed session, discussing what was happening in ukraine. outside passions were running high. >> don't want more blood to be shed. >> the mainliory -- the majority of people here did not know where the country was. >> that protest was organised at the last minute in response to what happened in the crimea. they held a protest for what went on in kiev, near the brooklyn bridge, and that was attend bid around 1,000 ukrainian americans. >> that is john terrett prorping from new york city. >> an international police operation took down a fraud ring. police in spain, serbia, britain, arrested 110 people, focussing on border rooms where fake stock was sold to investors. some lost their life savings. police found 850 victims in the u.k. >> uganda's president is facing blistering criticism over antigay laws. al jazeera's malcolm web explains there's now financial fall out. >> it's been called one of th
in the area. we show soldiers taking defensive positions in front of the parliament building. when asked why are you doing that, we were told, "we are trying to protect the region", we don't want the chaos in kiev. when we ask the men in black who they are, we are the self-defence unit like the ones in maydan. they are saying that they are safe guarding the constitution of this region. they are saying that they would like to see viktor yanukovych return to the country. they say it's not necessarily about him, it's about having a process continue. they say that they would like to see the presidential elizabeths this year, but not in may. in december as it was previously agreed pop, and actually very interestingly one of the - those men told me "we don't want to see viktor yanukovych run, because we blame on him the chaos the country has been in at the moment. they see his returns and him passing the presidential post to someone else would save this country from chaos. >> what are we to make of the reports that the pro-russian leader of crimea has not only taken control of the military and pol
and back insignia showing their allegiance to russia. they say they are self-defense unit and are doing the same as what was happening in maydan. they say they are here to protect the constitution, the legitimacy of the parliament he and to make sure there's no chaos in the country. they say having russians helping them out is not something bad, and the prime minister, the regional prime minister has asked russia to help brink stability to the area. some see it as a good thing. we heard reports that the prime minister here said that he is now in control of the military, the navy and the police. this is something that he had hinted at when he tabbing office two days ago. he said they should be subordinate to the parliament. today he took the step further. we here reports that the chief of police resigned last night. it seems there's a take over of the region by the new authorities in power, and it seems backed up by the russians. >> thank you hoda. the u.s. president barack obama says he's deeply concerned about russian build-up in the crimia. now to an emergency session, they called for
is to the fact of two ministers, ministers of defense, and ministers of foreign affairs. >> ambassador, i want to thank you for joining us this afternoon. this is ukrainian ambassador to the u.n. speaking to us from the united nations. thank you so much for watching al jazeera america. as these events unfold we encourage to you watch us online at www.aljazeera.com or on twitter. the stream is up next. i'm morgan radford. stay tune. we look forward to seeing you again at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. e education... gun control... the gap between rich and poor... job creation... climate change... tax policy... the economy... iran... healthcare... ad guests on all sides of the debate. >> this is a right we should all have... >> it's just the way it is... >> there's something seriously wrong... >> there's been acrimony... >> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... and a host willing to ask the tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself? and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5 eastern only on al jazeera america >> hi, i'm lisa fletcher, and you
outside the defense ministry to demonstrate their opposition to the action in ukraine. about 100 protestors were detained when they refused to clear the street. >> if it does come down to armed conflict, how do ukraine and russia's military forces compare? the russian army has 285,000 soldiers, more than four times as many soldiers as ukraine's with 64,750. russia has twice as many tanks, 2,150, compared to 1,110 for ukraine. russias air force has 1,389 combat capable aircraft to ukraine's 221. that's five times as many. when it comes to the navy, russia has 116 surface vessels to 11 for ukraine and 64 submarines, ukraine just one. while the number of personnel in ukraine's navy including naval infantry 16,950, russia can count on 150,000 of whom 11,000 are based in crimea itself. >> with me now is defense analyst chris. we've heard a lot of figures there. i think we get the gist, russia has got to lot more to play with than ukraine does. for ukraine, from this period of turmoil, how ready are they for russia. >> >> it's a very young government and putin is already exploiting tha
. the defense will show that he shot reeva steenkamp by mistake. >> the u.n.'s human right council meets in geneva on monday. human rights abuses committed during the last days of the sri lankan civil war will be one of the issues. international pressure has been mounting on colombo to investigate the war crimes. we have this report. >> the united nations high commissioner for human rights is expected to table a report before the u.n. human rights council in geneva. she has been critical of the sri lankan government, the handling of allegations, war crimes and accountability following the end of a war with the tamil tigers. national mechanisms have not been able to bring justice and elicit truth. she has called for an independent international inquiry to bring off new information and essentially to establish the truth of what happened and achieve accountability process. the sri lankan government rejected categorically all the report and the recommendations. basically they are saying her report is preconceived, politicized and reflects an agenda pursued against sri lanka. >> the united st
of defense chuck hagel, secretary of state john kerry and susan rice were in the meeting. secretary of state john kerry boarded a plane at andrew's air force base, headed to kiev to meet with the interim government on tuesday. kerry's trip coming as russia shows no signs of backing off from crimea. they received a deadline to lay down arms or face a full-scale assault. russia de nice making that call. they say they were invited by president viktor yanukovych. nick schifrin is in the crimean peninsula with the latest. >> this is a ukrainian base on ukrainian land. those are not ukrainian soldiers or that's not a ukrainian flag. the welcoming committee doesn't pledge allegiance to ukraine. >>. translation: we are here to support the russian peacekeepers. they are the only means to stop the violence in ukraine. >> in this area the russian occupation is growing and the resistance seems non-existent. the russian soldiers occupied the base without firing a shot. visitors brought sandwiches and a teapot. soldiers relax and ate in crudely fortified positions. they brought 50 calibre machine-gun, and
under the watch of russian soldiers, but when self-defense units arrive, the ukrainians fall in. so a pass of the military storm. in the crimeian port this soldier said none of his team would vow allegiance. >> translator: nobody at the base wants to switch sides to an illegal government. >> reporter: the russian mainland is just 4.5 kilometers another standoff of courts. some volunteers security staff guard the parliament. now we do have similar standoffs without the warning shots around many bases in this area. wherever you go you have this pattern of russian soldiers stationed outside, and the ukrainians holding ground inside. now if russia's intention was to take over all of these bases at least as the regional go hopes until the referendum, it seems that that is not going to be -- happen easily, it seems the ukrainians, even though they they don't want to fight, they will not leave those bases if they are forced to. >> thank you very much for getting us up to date. russian president vladimir putin says he hopes russia doesn't have to use force. but he has again denounced what h
fought together. >> it became clear that neither side was willing to fight. when self-defense units arrived the ukrainians fell in and march off. their point made. the overnight deadlines passed with no sign of the military storm that had been threatened. moscow denied there was ever a deadline. in the port city, this soldier said none of his team would vow allegiance to new government. >> defiance even though the base is surrounded by troops. is just 4 1/2 kilometers away across the stretch of water. another stand off of sorts, flanked by russian watching their every movement. >> they were quiet, some voluntary security staff guard the parliament, but there's no sign of the men who have been here the day before. >> one country appears to hold the key to any solution, germany. yeah, as you know, germany is an economic power house. and officials are now convinced that german chancellor is best positioned to convince the president to back down. it was german chancellor who offered inside the sweep to president obama on the thinking of russian sha's president reportedly saying that vla
. the ukrainians played soccer whilst waiting. plain clothed russian-crimean defense forces. the high risk manoeuvre was called off, and the men were marched back to their barracks. in the ricky protest ukraine's commander carried a soviet red flag, a time when ukrainian and russian forces were united. he said he didn't think russians would fire on a soviet flag. >> as russia and the west figure out a way to end the crisis. ukrainians mourn the dozens that have died. phil ittner visited the memorial and tucked about the situation with the ukrainian journalist. >> what did ukrainians want to hear from john kerry when he came today. >> the ukrainians don't want to hear. for a while there were a lot of talks about support and the deep concern. there was a bit of disappointment after that. still the people died. i have a feeling about words and concern. people want to clear message, but adequate, real, pragmatic. i think now they don't believe in the prague gnattism of putin. nobody understands what is the tools, the instrument, the influence on him. maybe they would see a clear pressure, clea
. late in the day pro-russian defense forces showed up. the ukrainian commander called off his high-risk manoeuvre and marched his men back to the barracks. >> that was randall pingston reporting. back at home the president is out with his 2015 budget. critics say it's dead on arrival. congress passed a 2-year budget agreement lasting through the end of 2015. the $3.9 trillion plan shifts spending. the proposed budget would expand the earned income tax credit for low income workers. to raise revenue it would kill a carry from tax loophole, lowering taxes for private equity managers. it calls for a $56 billion increase in spending from this year. >> well, we are looking at some rain showers down the south, and we had beautiful weather across the north-east. what we are concerned about is the cold air that is filtering through canada, coming in through the northern planes. it will be a change for many people. what we are seeing is here there's a line of precip, and to the north of that line, that is where the cold air will be a problem. take minneapolis as an example of the the temper
defense budget, increasing it by 12.2%. its military funding second only to the united states. the u.s. announced it would shrink its military, reducing troop numbers, $496 billion. at 114 billion. the budget pales in comparison. it will increase that to $132 billion, on top of a 10% increase in military spending. that budget announcement. protesters outside the conference were quickly driven away. rob mcdried is in tena man square. >> this meeting is important nonetheless as a sounding board for the current administration. the delegates are listening to this, the work reports delivered by the premier, outlaying what the chinese leader has been up to, what it will do, and the deepening, economic and social reforms which are important to china's protests, as it continues forward with liberalizing the economy, reducing power of the state mon ol lis and putting -- mon op lis and putting into power those sources of social discontent. and tackling china's growing pollution problem. underpinning china's importance, outlining the military spending. that surprised some people. china would ar
spilling out any u.s. military role in ukraine. >> this morning the defense department is pursuing measures to support our allies stepping up joint training through aviation detachment in poland. it's an area that i visited a few weeks ago. and augmenting the participation in n.a.t.o.'s air policing mission on the baltic peninsula. >> robert english is the director of the international school in southern los angeles. i want to replay that tape with the u.n. ambassador being detained in a cafe against his will, and then being escorted out of the country and as we see this, what do you make of what is going on right now in the capitol of crimea? >> reporter: things are in danger of spinning out of control. we're really at risk of some spark, provocation, accident, leading to major loss of life, and then some much larger and more deadly conflict. precisely incidents like this which we've been lucky to avoid so far are why we need to step back, both sides cool the rhetoric and begin working back channels of diplomacy to find a compromised solution. nobody is going to win this continuing on the
laden the defense lawyer for him, he said this is not osama bin laden, this is a muslim, arab, a kuwaiti, a father. he challenged the prosecutor t o prove that his words harbored terrorists. >> my client has plead--our client has plead not guilty. not a member of any conspiracy. he engaged in no illegal activity. now it's up to the government to prove it. i've been in some places at 3:00 in the morning hanging with some people, and god for bid if i was on video i would be in trouble the next day. >> referring that lots of government evidence is in the form of pictures and videos of the defendant allegedly appearing in those videos and pictures along side osama bin laden and the current leader of al-qaeda. now the case under way today is expected to last all of march and a little bit into april. >> all right, j.t. john terrett for us. >>> the c.i.a. under allegations of spying on the government. the c.i.a. and the committee have battled over the controversial program. >>> in west virginia, a link to the chemical spill in the state it comes after a major ban in the use of water there, but
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